Welcome to BBMK Technologies, an innovative technology firm concentrating on improving, changing and revolutionizing healthcare.
Don’t be the Caveman in the room
What we do
BBMK Technologies is a healthcare technology-focused firm that looks to provide a deep, effective and long-term approach to changing the healthcare industry. Our aim is to create a valuable eco-system of healthcare delivery models built on the backbone of new application development. Our innovations have risen from the desire to help make life easier for all those involved in the healthcare continuum including patients and healthcare organizations.

In a nutshell, we design innovative software solutions to help healthcare organizations provide better patient care, improve operational efficiencies and ultimately.
make more money
As the healthcare industry continues to change and alter to fit the changing world around us, it’s vital that technology is not left behind. This is made possible by the development of software applications which will evolve the way in which healthcare can be delivered.
With a range of innovative software solutions, it’s our aim to improve operational efficiency of healthcare organizations, while enabling them to provider a higher level of patient care.
Through fresh innovations that will look to challenge, and improve any healthcare organizations existing processes, we look to make change stay for good while making healthcare simpler.
This is our business
– to help facilitate and improve upon one of the most vital industries on the planet. In doing so, we not only Improve the care delivery model, we Improve your bottom line.
Why Healthcare
Technology Matters
Operational Efficiency
As the delivery of healthcare is taking shape, the challenges associated with maintaining a financially viable organization is becoming increasingly difficult. In the face of reimbursement pressures, a shifting payer model with a focus on improved patient care and compliance, nearly all types of healthcare organizations are looking for ways to adapt. At BBMK Technologies we recognize the challenges associated with running your business, and our innovative suite of software solutions are helping to shape modern day healthcare through technology.
Improved patient care
Innovation driven technology is going to help improve not only the quality of patient care, but your business as well. In the world we live in today, we believe that limited or obsolete healthcare delivery models should be a thing of the past, and our focus is on developing fresh, engaging technology incorporating everyone in the healthcare continuum.
Data driven healthcare world
As personal clinical health data on both medical equipment and consumer health devices becomes more available and relevant for patients and healthcare organizations, the challenges of grappling with this information to drive day to day decision making can be overwhelming. To tackle these challenges, we build our solutions based on an integrated ecosystem developed and implemented using connected data. At BBMK Technologies, we listen to the industry and develop our solutions with the goal of driving improved efficiencies and quality patient outcomes.
How Can We Help Your Business?
All aspects of healthcare can be delivered better when the right technology is deployed. Our solutions are tailored to meet the business need while helping to deliver the best care for patients. Don’t worry we didn’t forget about the core of what keeps you in business; your bottom line –
Who we are
As a company deeply rooted in the healthcare circuit, our foundation has been built on industry wide knowledge and experience in the healthcare industry combined with the breath of innovation in information technology. When looking to make a difference in such an evolving industry, we make sure that our team can contribute from experience, but is forward thinking and inspirational to our growth. This has meant that our team have been hand-picked to ensure that we have a strong and committed level of genuine innovation in healthcare information technology experience to call upon.
We’ve been lucky enough to have worked within technology for some time, so we know what it can offer to the healthcare world. However, it’s always best to have the experience and knowledge of those who are a backbone within the industry. For this reason we have made sure that everyone involved with BBMK Technologies understands the evolving healthcare climate and contributes to its future success.
That being said, we bring a wealth of understanding and knowledge of both worlds. Our team always is looking for the latest developments and changes so that we can be involved from the start, offering innovation and fresh change for the healthcare community.
Innovation Driven
Our philosophy has been, let’s look at the way Healthcare is delivered today, and work on innovative solutions to improve efficiency for healthcare organizations while improving the quality of care for patients.
Connecting people, processes,
and systems
Healthcare data can be disparate and complex to analyze. Our focus is to integrate healthcare data into meaningful and useful day to day solutions to help streamline inefficiencies related to healthcare operations while giving all those in the healthcare continuum the power to make decisions
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